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Welcome to Preaching Without Notes (for preachers with poor memories).

This FREE preaching technique is an easy way to memorize your sermons so you can preach without using your notes. Preaching without notes has a powerful affect on congregations, allowing people to connect with the message at a deeper level.

Dozens of preachers are now using this technique every Sunday to preach without notes. You can do the same right away!

Watch this short video introduction and then move on to the FREE video tutorials to quickly learn this powerful memory technique and preach without notes!

Hello and welcome to Preaching without Notes. Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Greg Brawn and I’ve been an ordained minister/pastor for the last 16 years. I’ve been using a very simple yet powerful memory technique to memorize my weekly sermons. This allows me to step out from behind the pulpit and deliver a full-length sermon to my congregation without referring to my notes.

I’ve received such wonderful feedback from the people of my congregation. They tell me how powerful my messages are now that I’m preaching without notes. They tell me how much better they’re able to engage in what I’m sharing and they’re able to remember better the things that I’ve shared in my messages.

And so I would encourage you to learn this technique, to try it out for yourself, to try variations of it. Watch the video tutorials that you’ll find here on this website, and please also engage in the conversations we’ll be having in our Facebook group.

I just pray that the Lord will continue to bless you, your ministry, your preaching, and your congregations.

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